Toronto IDS12 Exhibit – (Sub)Urban: This is Where You Live

Title: (Sub)Urban: This is Where You Live
Project Scope: Communications Design, Presented at the 2012 Toronto Interior Design Show
Location/Year: Toronto, 2012
Role: Concept development; Exhibit production; Exhibit launch/opening party organizer
Collaborators: Asma Khanani-Caporaletti, Dana Seguin, Nikki Hsiao Chi Shih, Raymundo Pavan Gutierrez

At the 2012 Interior Design Show we used the trade show floor to explore the notion that the lines between the urban and suburban were blurring. Using the common language of the supermarket, we designed mock-ups of grocery products, large format sale signs and receipts all as mediums to communicate ‘urban moments’ that captured the essence: This Is Where You Live. The exhibit presented at the 2012 Toronto Interior Design Show was in fact a refined version of an even earlier communications and exhibit design project that we had developed earlier in the year.

1-3 Photography by Michelle Hotchin; 4. Rendering by Raymundo Pavan Gutierrez; 5-7 Photography by Michelle Hotchin; 8-10 Schematic plans by Matt Carreau.

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