Wayfinding System for Cyclists

Title: Wayfinding System for Cyclists
Project Scope: A wayfinding map and kiosk system designed to help cyclists navigate Markham. A design concept developed and presented as part of the Product Design module at the Institute without Boundaries.
Location/Year: Toronto, 2012
Collaborators: Asma Khanani-Caporaletti, Dana Seguin, Nikki Hsiao Chi Shih, Raymundo Pavan Gutierrez

Summary: The Product Design module at the Institute without Boundaries challenged students to design products, street furniture, and infrastructure to help enhance the public realm along Markham’s Highway 7. After several weeks of conducting field research on Highway 7, students identified a number of strategic principles and values to guide the design process. Students divided into groups of two and created product design proposals that responded to these principles. My partner, Nikki Shih and I, focused on wayfinding, identity, technology, and information. Our design proposal sought to create a wayfinding system for cyclists in Markham.

1. Rendering by Raymundo Pavan Gutierrez; 2. Sketches by Nikki Shih, Rendering by Raymundo Pavan Gutierrez; 3. Sketches by Matt Carreau; 4. Map illustration by Matt Carreau; 5-6. Rendering by Raymundo Pavan Gutierrez.

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