Old Kennedy Road Revitalization Strategy

Title: Old Kennedy Road Revitalization Strategy
Project Scope: A strategic revitalization proposal for Old Kennedy Road in Markham. Developed as part of the Main Streets of Markham international design charrette, and submitted as a case study for the COLAB project.
Location/Year: Toronto, 2012
Role: Team leader, facilitator; Strategic design direction; Designer, plan illustrations
Collaborators: Matteo Boldrin, Matteo Casaburi, Hiu Chan, Micheline Ferguson, Troels Kobberoe, Kimberlyn Lei, Stuart McPherson, Marianne Metairie, Kristian Pal, Natalie Pozzan, Raymundo Pavan Gutierrez

The Old Kennedy Road Revitalization Strategy is an innovative proposal that presents a new model for main street revitalization in Markham. The strategy outlines a phased redevelopment plan for Old Kennedy Road that engages community, repairs and restores local ecosystems, and promotes research and commercial opportunities in the “green economy.”

PROJECT VISION: Old Kennedy Road presents Markham with an opportunity to build a model sustainable community while establishing the infrastructure to enable the development and commercialization of sustainable technologies, products and services that will position Markham as a leader in the emerging “green technology” sector.

1. Map by Matt Carreau; 2. Rendering by Raymundo Pavan Gutierrez & Angelica Ramos Saavedra; 3. Rendering by Raymundo Pavan Gutierrez & Stephen Tiao; 4. Map and text by Matt Carreau.

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