Major Research Project

Title: Major Research Project
Project Scope: A summary of design research insights gathered by students in the first semester at the Institute without Boundaries.
Location/Year: Toronto, 2012
Role: Contributing writer
Collaborators: Asma Khanani-Caporaletti, Dana Seguin, Nikki Hsiao Chi Shih, Raymundo Pavan Gutierrez

The 2012 City Systems team proposed a forward looking strategy its client partner the Town of Markham. Students proposed COLAB, a laboratory for inter-departmental collaboration and problem solving within the municipality. COLAB draws on the resources of the municipality, the dynamism of the private sector and the wisdom of the community to research, design, develop and prototype innovative solutions for 21st century urban challenges. In this proposal, students demonstrate the usefulness and suitability of change labs for confronting complex urban-scale issues by highlighting the year’s work, explaining the key insights that lead to this proposal, and outlining the requirements, processes and strategies necessary to establish COLAB within Markham. Two case studies are presented as models illustrating how a functioning COLAB would use design innovation to tackle small and large scale main street revitalization.

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