Green Street Infrastructure

Title: Green Street Infrastructure
Project Scope: A design proposal for sustainable street infrastructure and landscaping where the Rouge River Valley intersects Highway 7 in Markham. Submitted as a final project at the Institute without Boundaries.
Location/Year: Toronto, 2012
Role: Lead concept development, design
Advisors: Susan Speigel, Fiona Lim Tung

Design Challenge: The woodlands and waterways that make up Markham’s Natural Heritage Network are poorly integrated into the surrounding urban fabric. Residential and commercial developments, parking lots and roads impede the natural flow of rivers and creeks or cover them up entirely. Ecologically unsound building methods have created a hard urban edge that allows the runoff of pollutants to enter this fragile ecosystem.

The Concept: This proposal conceives a design intervention where the Rouge River intersects Highway Seven between Rodick Rd. and Fairburn Drive that will demonstrate sustainable infrastructure and landscaping methods that can be used to “soften” the urban edge. The design seeks to:
1. Use design and landscaping to highlight and draw attention to Markham’s Natural Heritage Network
2. Create access points to the NHN from the street and residential areas
3. Integrate new infrastructure that is sustainable into the design of the road, shoulder and sidewalks

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