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Practice Practice Practice

Simple experiments with type. Inspired by typographic maps seen at


More from Graham Mall

Printmaking at Martha Street Studio

I’ve enrolled in a 3 month intensive printmaking course at the Martha Street Studio (manitoba printmakers association). The program is free for youth under the age of 29 and covers a broad range of printmaking techniques. Today we worked on linocutting– making cuts into linoleum to create bold black and white relief images.

The Winnitoba

The Trouble with the Graham Avenue Mall


I spend allot of time on Graham avenue. As the city’s main downtown transit corridor, Graham is an inevitable destination for transit commuters. Cutting right through the heart of the city, running parallel to Portage, Graham avenue is a perfect little microcosm of downtown urban renewal efforts in Winnipeg. The “mall” contains a bewildering mix of elements: pedestrian friendly retail, imposing and inhuman architectural eye sores (MTS Centre and CTV building), haven of culture and learning (the Millennium library), modern experiments in urban planning gone wrong (Winnipeg Square and *arguably* the transit corridor itself), and modern office tower zone, including of course the ubiquitous Manitoba Hydro building.

More pictures and reflections on this bizarre little strip to come

Geometry in the City

Just a few of the interesting streetscapes I pass on a daily basis.

Golden boy presides over a golden autumn morning


This is a the view of the Manitoba Legislature from my neighbourhood. The Golden Boy (Hermes, messenger of the gods) presides over a beautiful golden autumn morning. The weather has turned hot this week. I’ll take this as an auspicious sign of good things to come in my 25th year!

Garbage Installation


Conscientious smokers, soda-can drinkers, and garbage-throwers rejoice! The Downtown Biz has you covered–disposing in style like never before!

This morning, bleary eyed and en route to coffee, I stumbled upon this beautifully arranged collection of disposal units. Compositionally speaking, its perfect. Clock wise from the top, we have a standard but nonetheless elegant garbage can, a splash of blue in the recycling bin brings welcome relief and balanceto the whole, next up we have the very handsome cigarette butt station, and bringing it all together a smartly designed sign instructing passers by to “dispose here.”

All of these elements are framed by freshly potted foliage and (my favourite) everything is arranged atop a fenced podium. I’m speechless.