Urban Idea White Paper

Title: Urban Idea White Paper
Location/Year: Winnipeg, 2012
Role: Research, writing, design


The Urban Idea White Paper was commissioned by the Winnipeg Arts Council (WAC) to provide a body of research, analysis and recommendations to help WAC explore options and make informed decisions about the future of the Urban Idea Centre.

Over the course of three months I consulted with dozens of Winnipeggers, including former Urban Idea board members, respected colleagues in the fields of art, architecture, design, and community development; reviewed archival materials about Urban Idea; considered the historic, organisational, cultural and policy context framing the discussion about the future of Urban Idea; and finally extracted insights and synthesized lessons into a framework and recommendations that the Winnipeg Arts Council and others can use to unlock hidden opportunity, promote citizen engagement in city building, and spark urban innovation in the years ahead.

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