Hello! I’m a designer, researcher, creative facilitator, and all around urban enthusiast. Welcome to my portfolio.


I design experiences, scenarios, environments, toolkits and communication strategies that help individuals and communities realize civic innovation.


I’m naturally curious, with critical thinking and synthesis skills, and a wicked talent for writing. View a sample of my writing here.


I organize and facilitate community consultations, design charrettes, and alternative conference models using creative and engaging methods.

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My passion for cities has taken me across Canada–from Whitehorse to Winnipeg, and around the world. I’m interested in understanding how we can use design to create more dynamic and equitable communities.

Matt Carreau is a designer, researcher, creative facilitator and all around urbanist. He has a postgraduate in Interdiscplinary Design Strategy from the Bruce Mau founded Institute without Boundaries in Toronto and moved to Winnipeg in 2010 after living in Whitehorse, Yukon for two years. Matt is active in a number of community based projects including coordination of Jane’s Walk and recently started the Winnipeg Urbanist Meetup, a monthly gathering for creative people with a passion for cities to network, share ideas and collaborate on new projects. Matt is passionate about interdisciplinary collaboration and the role of design as a tool for sparking community and civic innovation.


I am motivated by a vision of the future where society enables and celebrates individual and community diversity; where our shared and mutual investment in the sustainable management of earthly resources becomes a model for equity, social justice and compassion; and where the marketplace of human ideas–not arbitrary capital–drives innovation and creative solutions that help us tackle the most complex global challenges we face.

If we are going to prepare the way for a society that understands and values common purpose, diversity and accessibility for all, we must build cities that embody these values. Transforming the way our cities and communities are built begins with empowering individuals to see themselves as agents of change and leaders in this movement. I am excited by the potential for collaborative and participatory design practices to engage communities, and I use design as a tool to help individuals exercise their imagination towards this end.

I pursue projects with a focus on citizen engagement, design, and urban public space. This is what I’m currently working on:

The Winnipeg Urbanist Meetup is a monthly gathering of civic-minded individuals who come together to share ideas and collaborate on new initiatives that inspire positive urban change.

Are you an urbanist? Do you spend time dreaming of all the ways that Winnipeg could transform itself into a more vibrant, sustainable and open city?

Are you inspired by the creative and innovative approaches to city building that happen in other cities and want to be apart of building a movement here in Winnipeg?

The Winnipeg Urbanists Meetup gathers on the last Friday of every month (venues TBA). The meetings are informal and open to all. There is no set agenda however as our group evolves we may begin hosting more facilitated creative sessions that include:

– Lightening talks
– Project pitch nights
– Weekend Design jams
– Unconferences

Join us on the Winnipeg Urbanist Facebook Page

Title: Urban Idea White Paper
Project Scope: Consultancy, Winnipeg Arts Council
Location/Year: Winnipeg, Fall 2012

Working as a consultant with the Winnipeg Arts Council, I prepared a white paper outlining opportunities and directions for the future of the Urban Idea Centre in Winnipeg. The Urban Idea Centre was a public forum and think-tank exploring urban issues in Winnipeg during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Project tasks involved: interviewing former board members of the Urban Idea Centre; surveying the landscape of existing urban initiatives in Winnipeg; reviewing the historic, organizational, cultural and policy contexts; presenting case studies of interest from other cities; recommending options for future directions; design and layout of report contents.

Read the Urban Idea White Paper



iconnipeg: Drawing the City from A to Z

iconnipeg is a series of public design workshops that invite the public to design graphic symbols that visually communicate local civic concepts.

Framework for Interdisciplinary Collaboration at Richardson College for the Environment

Strategy for spurring collaboration and innovation at the University of Winnipeg’s Richardson College for the Environment


Backspace is a provocative design proposal that imagines a future scenario where technology enables citizens to embed stories and memories in the urban fabric

Urban Idea White Paper

Analysis and recommendations to help the Winnipeg Arts Council explore options and make informed decisions about the future of the Urban Idea Centre.

COLAB: A Change Lab for Markham

COLAB is a laboratory for inter-departmental collaboration and problem solving within the municipality of Markham.

OPEN TOWN Civic Literacy Toolkit

A toolkit to help citizens of Markham explore, understand and engage with the municipal process.

Manitoba Social Innovation Stories Project

A blog and online conversation about social innovation in Manitoba’s non-profit sector.

Whitehorse Foodbank Fundraising Strategy

Fundraising concept and mail-out for the Whitehorse Foodbank

Old Kennedy Road Revitalization Strategy

The Old Kennedy Road revitalization strategy presents a new model for main street development in Markham.

Theory + Practice. A multi-disciplinary education for the 21st century.

Interdisciplinary Design Strategy, Postgraduate
Institute without Boundaries, George Brown College, 2012

The Institute Without Boundaries views the designer as a problem solver with the ability to effect positive change for humanity. The studio offers a one-year intensive post-graduate education in Interdisciplinary Design Strategy. Students undertake real-world design projects that seek to achieve social, ecological and economic innovation. View complete summary

Multimedia Communications, Certificate
Yukon College, 2010

Comprehensive technical multimedia training in desktop publishing, image editing, digital illustration, web design, and film and audio editing techniques as well as communications and design theory. Major final project involved partnering with a Whitehorse nonprofit organization to develop a comprehensive communications strategy including print, web and broadcast.

Bachelor of Humanities, College of the Humanities
Carleton University, 2008

Interdisciplinary liberal arts program emphasizing critical engagement with the “great works” in the Western tradition of ideas, imagination, and culture. In my final years of university I focused my studies on an examination of the political, ethical, and aesthetic dimensions of the public realm in the Western city.


Professional Experiences

Jan 2013 – Present
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Urban Idea Project Coordinator
Winnipeg Arts Council

Following up on my work in Fall 2012 as a consultant with the Winnipeg Arts Council exploring future opportunities for the Urban Idea Centre of Winnipeg, I was retained and transitioned into the role of Project Coordinator. I am presently collaborating with WAC staff and community partners to develop a year of innovative programming exploring how the arts, design and creative practices can be catalysts for innovative approaches to city building.

Summary of Project

The Urban Idea project will provide an important mechanism for encouraging discourse on placemaking within the city and promote public participation in exploring both current and future arts and cultural issues confronting the city. It will broaden the community’s understanding of urban issues and strengthen public understanding of the relationship between arts, culture, and placemaking which in turn will help to increase the community’s level of awareness and involvement in the cultural development of the city.

Sep 2012 – Dec 2012
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg Arts Council

Working as a consultant with the Winnipeg Arts Council, I prepared a white paper outlining opportunities and directions for the future of the Urban Idea Centre in Winnipeg. The Urban Idea Centre was a public forum and think-tank exploring urban issues in Winnipeg during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Summary of Responsibilities

The Urban Idea White Paper was commissioned by the Winnipeg Arts Council (WAC) to provide a body of research, analysis and recommendations to help WAC explore options and make informed decisions about the future of the Urban Idea Centre.

Over the course of three months I consulted with dozens of Winnipeggers, including former Urban Idea board members, respected colleagues in the fields of art, architecture, design, and community development; reviewed archival materials about Urban Idea; considered the historic, organisational, cultural and policy context framing the discussion about the future of Urban Idea; and finally extracted insights and synthesized lessons into a framework and recommendations that the Winnipeg Arts Council and others can use to unlock hidden opportunity, promote citizen engagement in city building, and spark urban innovation in the years ahead.

Read the Urban Idea White Paper

Project tasks involved:

  • Generating a research proposal and outline, a research methodology and detailed plan with timeline
  • Issue identification, Research and information gathering, information analysis and synthesis
  • Writing, editing, design and layout of report contents

May 2011 – Aug 2011
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Research Associate
Institute for Urban Studies, University of Winnipeg

Participated in a major research project with Manitoba’s Peguis First Nation to develop a Land Acquisition and Development Strategy in fulfilment of their Treaty-Land-Entitlement Settlement.

Summary of Responsibilities

Research tasks involved:

  • Investigating the history of treaty relations in Manitoba between First Nations and the Canadian government, in particular the history of forced displacement and re-settlement of Peguis First Nation.
  • Researching land acquisition and social and economic development strategies undertaken by indigenous groups from across Canada and around the world
  • Producing literature summaries on the history, legality and viability of establishing reserves in urban areas in Canada.

Dec 2010 – Aug 2011
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Project Coordinator, Canadian Nonprofit Innovators Network
Canadian Nonprofit Innovators Network + Manitoba Federation of Nonprofit Organizations

Facilitated an online conversation about the role of social innovation in Manitoba’s non-profit sector through the creation of a blog publishing stories about Manitoba-based social innovations, interviews with non-profit leaders and insightful analysis on topical issues. http://socialinnovationmb.tumblr.com

Summary of Responsibilities

Working on a freelance basis and overseeing a team of eleven writers required I practice focused project management and detailed organization. Project responsibilities included:

  • Developing a comprehensive project plan and assembling an advisory committee
  • Networking to identify story themes, individuals and organizations to profile on the blog
  • Hiring writers and assigning writers to cover stories and conduct interviews
  • Editorial duties associated with maintaing an online publication.

Sep 2010 – Apr 2011
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Mentorship, Youth in the Arts
Arts and Cultural Industries Association of Manitoba

Undertook a mentorship with Tricia Wasney, director of Public Art Programming at the Winnipeg Arts Council. Through volunteer work placement, career shadowing, professional development sessions, and regular meetings and conversations, I engaged my mentor in an exploration of the role of public art in community development.

Sep – Oct 2010
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Curatorial Assistant, Showing Up, Speaking Out
Project and exhibition curated by Milena Placentile, hosted at aceartinc.

Showing Up, Speaking Out was a month-long creative project that invited Canadian and international artists to partner with community-based organizations in Winnipeg and propose creative public art interventions that addressed social and political themes.

Summary of Responsibilities

As an assistant to curator Milena Placentile, I helped out with day-to-day tasks associated with maintaining upkeep of the gallery/project space and contributed as a facilitator at weekly collaborative-art-making sessions.

In the final week of the project, I oversaw a special social-activism art project with participants of a queer youth support group at Winnipeg’s local Rainbow Resource Centre. I engaged young people in a discussion about what social activism is and how art can be used as tool to draw attention to issues, and guided the young people through the creative process in order to execute a public art intervention.

Mar – Aug 2010
Whitehorse, Yukon

Communications Coordinator, Yukon Arts Centre Gallery
Yukon Arts Centre

Collaborated with the marketing and technical directors to create original multimedia content related to current and upcoming exhibitions at the Yukon Arts Centre Gallery, including podcasts, “inhouse” audio tours of exhibitions, a video recording of an artist demonstration, and blog posts.

Summary of Responsibilities

As Social Media Coordinator I advised Yukon Arts Centre administration on best practices related to social media tools and techniques and employed social media as a tool for public outreach.

  • Planned, developed and launched a new website for the Arts Centre using the WordPress content management system to allow content to be updated without the need for technical know-how.
  • Oversaw a special project to digitize and make available online the Yukon Art Centre Public Gallery’s permanent collection.
  • Maintained the day to day operations of a public gallery including opening and closing, interacting with gallery visitors, office administration tasks such proposal writing and reviewing applications, answering calls, responding to emails and directing messages.
  • Cooperated with the Gallery Assistant to oversee exhibition logistics such as deliveries, intake documentation, packing and shipping. Assisted the gallery preparator with exhibition installations and strikes.

Jun 2009 – Aug 2010
Whitehorse, Yukon

Events Planner & Project Assistant
Bringing Youth Towards Equality (BYTE)

BYTE is a youth social justice organization serving young people in Canada’s Yukon Territory. I Collaborated with the BYTE Outreach Coordinator to promote and organize opportunities for Yukon youth to take advantage of local resources and worked as a facilitator delivering leadership and educational workshops for youth in remote northern communities.

Summary of Responsibilities
  • Developed 4 workshops for youth geared to enhancing communication, decision making, team-building, and leadership skills.
  • Trained youth facilitators to lead workshops using experiential learning methods.
  • Used my voice in the community to advocate for youth and social justice issues.
  • Traveled to remote Yukon communities with a team of trained youth facilitators to deliver workshops and creative programming and resources for rural youth.
  • Oversaw planning and execution for a number of Whitehorse public events, including: The Canada Day skateboarding competition, the “Hug the Legislature” day of action for climate change rally, and the annual Battle of the Bands.

Community Involvement:

Toronto, Ontario
  • Facilitator, Community Mural Project with residents of Regent Park, in partnership with Public Displays of Affection (2012)
Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Committee member, Public Art Committee, Winnipeg Arts Council (2012)
  • Mentorship with Tricia Wasney, Public Art program manager at the Winnipeg Arts Council,
    ACI Manitoba Youth in the Arts (2011)
  • Volunteer, Atmosphere: Mediated Cities Symposium, Faculty of Architecture (2011)
  • Volunteer, My City’s Still Breathing: Art, Artists and the City conference (2010)
  • Curatorial Assistant, Showing Up, Speaking Out, presented at aceartinc. (2010)
Whitehorse, Yukon
  • BYTE Community Outreach Program, youth facilitator (2009-2010)
  • Weekly tutor in social media for a producer at the CBC, Whitehorse (2010)
  • Planning committee member, Poverty and Homelessness Action Week (2009)
  • Delegate, Global Youth Assembly, Edmonton (2009)
  • Board member, Gay and Lesbian Alliance of the Yukon (2009)
Ottawa, Ontario
  • Tutorial Leader, Discovery University: free community-based liberal arts courses for low income and marginalized adult learners (2008)
  • Community Based Research volunteer, Social Planning Council of Ottawa (2008)
  • Volunteer, GayZone Sexual Health Centre (2008)